Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Feminists abandon women athletes to back transgender trophy thieves

Forget burning your bras, marching for equal pay and smashing the glass ceiling – the next feminist revolution will be defined in the fight over boys identifying as girls stealing awards and accolades from women in sports.

It’s going to fracture the modern feminist movement and can be wrapped up in one declaration: it has to be Trump’s fault.

This time it’s an implosion that would confound even someone who identifies as Gloria Steinem. In the debate over transgenders and athletics, traditional feminism is going to have choose between women, whom it has tried for decades to convince they should rise up and take what they’re due from us “Y” chromosome Neanderthals, and the Neanderthals themselves who have decided they’re entitled to women’s sports championships because they identify as girls.

So far in that argument, feminism is siding with the boys. Well, sort of...

The issue revolves around high school and college female athletes who’ve worked for years to acquire their best athletic marks, primarily in track and field, worthy of scholarship hopes and collegiate championships – only to be bested by the recent introduction of male athletes into their sports who identify as females and are allowed to compete against women according to laws in 19 states. The result has been, as one can imagine, lopsided.

In a Connecticut case, two males now hold 15 women’s high school state track championship titles that were once held by girls. Some girls have been bumped out of regional finishes that would have sent them on their way to compete for state titles and the attention from collegiate scouts which comes with that.

In some cases college scholarships are at stake. In that sense, competition from biological males competing against them may in some instances be stopping women from getting an education. But women’s rights groups and the ACLU in Connecticut and elsewhere have sided with the boys, calling the girls’ concerns “unfounded fears” in one response in The Nutmeg State.

The inarguable unfairness of the issue transcends the fickleness of modern social justice warriors who've so nobly embraced LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) communities because, in the world of science, facts know no social objective. Apples are always apples, oranges are always oranges, and only vaginas are vaginas.

Consider a 1993 study by the National Institutes of Health on strength and muscle characteristic comparisons between men and women. Research showed women on average possessed only 52 percent of men’s upper body strength, and only 66 percent of a man’s strength in the lower body. The difference was generally due to men having larger muscle fibers and higher proportion of lean tissue in the upper body. This is historically why men, in general, look like men and women, in general, look like women – a definition which used to actually matter in determining which was which.

Simply put, even men who’ve had their genitals removed and undergone hormone therapy to sound and appear more female can’t rewrite the programming in their muscle tissue, the density of their bones and the better leverage allowed by longer bones and better muscle connections. Hence, the world pole vault record for women is just over 16 feet; the record for men just over 20 feet – at least for now.

But the issue confronting the girls in the Connecticut lawsuit and in the other 18 states that allow this ludicrousy has to do more with political correctness on steroids than physical performances.

Those women who have earned their stripes and their right to compete through physical and mental work most of us can't even fathom have been abandoned by modern feminists who now pursue progressive society’s higher social justice goals: the canonizing and mainstreaming of sexual oddity.

 In this bizarro reality, everybody gets a trophy except the girls who’ve earned them. Those girls may eventually choose to throw their support behind people and organizations that have their interests more at heart. ###
–Dane Hicks is publisher of The Anderson County Review in Garnett, Kan.

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